LinkedIn and Instagram stuck in "Unverified"

Both LinkedIn and Instagram are stuck for hours as “Unverified”.

Also, at least once two of the social networks that were in “Unverified” state at the time disappeared after a page reload (I think it was Facebook and Instagram).

Suggestions? Why is the social level important?

LinkedIn verification is known to be broken–I’m sitting on a fix for that which I’ll send out for the next version. Instagram should be working though, so that’s weird.

Regarding “social level”, I think the concept of appropriately verifying that a certain user is, indeed, that person via their social networks is useful but is one of those things that isn’t properly explained or utilized.

Thanks for letting me know, looking forward for the LinkedIn fix. Will I have to submit for verification again, or the current pending one will be resolved?

Instagram definitely looks broken, still pending.

The current one will be resolved, no need to send another one. Same for Instagram–it’s possible they changed their page, breaking our scraping logic.