Lack of Support

So, a question for the forum. What use is using a Forum for support if the poster receives no response, and therefore no support? I’ve posted here about missing STX in my Inverse wallet and I’ve emailed the Support ‘Forum@’ address. No response. I need to discuss this matter with someone… why can I not?

i’m having issues two and i’m getting no where this might help you
[email protected]
or the discrode server

Yeah, I found the same lack of support.

To reply to myself. Where is the interest from the membership in this question? I’ll restate it; How can a Forum be used by a crypto project as a ‘support’ instrument when it only works if others choose to respond and do so instructively. If there’s no instructive member interaction, then surely, there’s no support being provided? The Discord discussion (another forum) appears to only be about Ember Fund. I think it’s time for Stacks leaders to accept their obligation to engage with members who have a problem requiring resolution.

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i agree with you , we need some support for people coming to stx and trying to build something