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๐Ÿ”‘ Key management update in Hiro Wallet

The upcoming wallet release fixes a bug related to app key derivation in the Hiro Wallet web extension. In some circumstances, the Hiro Wallet returns the wrong app key, resulting in missing data. This fix ensures that you are always able to access the same Gaia data when using the Hiro wallet web extension; however, implementing this fix impacts how apps save and access data on Gaia.

Once implemented, this fix may prevent a small segment of people who are using Gaira from accessing some of data. To ensure the best experience possible, we recommend the following:

  • Developers: if you have integrated Gaia in your application, please check to see if any users have been impacted. Reach out to us ([email protected]) and we can work with you to determine how best to access any data from Gaia.
  • Users: Contact us via [email protected] if you are experiencing issues accessing data on Gaia through Stacks applications after installing the latest wallet release.

We plan to push this release today.

To learn more about the issue and proposed fix, refer to this Github ticket.

:bulb: Note: Currently, the only known integration impacted by this fix is profile data on STXNFT (which is stored on Gaia). This means that you many need to reestablish your profile in the app if needed, but there is no need to worry about NFT metadata (generally stored on Arweave or IPFS).

We will update this post with any other cases we discover.

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UPDATE 03/22/2022

The latest wallet release (v3.4.0) reverts wallet release version to v3.2.1 (from 3.3) since we encountered an issue with post conditions. This fixed the post condition but the key management bug described in this post remains unresolved. We will update this channel once we have more information on these fixes.

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