Join the Blockstack announcement + Blockstack Summit Early Bird RSVP and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Blockstack home page is going to go live (edit: soon!). We’ll be publishing this announcement here in the forum for everyone to share so people know who we are and what we’re about:

A few things to note for anyone reading this:

  • If you’d like your company or project to be listed in the Blockstack announcement linked above, please let me know ASAP by @ mentioning me or sending me a DM letting me know your organization or project’s name. You’re not committing to anything, this is just a way of saying that you support this effort based on what is said in the announcement.

  • Consider this your invitation to the Blockstack Summit! Please send me a DM here on the forum or on Slack with your email address to receive an early bird invitation. Details for this event can be found here:

  • We have (edit: two) Blockstack Summit sponsorship slots left at $500 each for any companies or projects that are interested in supporting this event. Sponsors will receive two free tickets to the event, prominent placement on materials promoting the event including the Eventbright page, a banner that is being produced for the event, and a mention during both the opening and closing announcements. If you or your company/ project is interested in sponsoring, please DM me by August 21st.

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Special thanks to Lakshmi Subramanian for helping us organize this event and for getting a venue for it at NYU.


Looking forward to discussing the stack at the summit. Hope to see everyone there.