Javascript error while trying to verify my social media account

Hey everybody !
First of all, you did a really good job with blockchain, congratulations.
I do hope for you that it is just a beginning.
I do want to participate in the incoming token sale but I am not able to verify my social media twitter.

After looking in the javascipt console I can see this error :

Error: Proof url“xxx”/status/931028041429606400 is not valid for service twitter
at Function.getProofUrl (main.js:61830)
at main.js:61756
at new Promise ()
at Function.validateProof (main.js:61754)
at main.js:60198
at new Promise ()
at main.js:60197
at Array.forEach ()
at validateProofs (main.js:60180)
at validateProofsService (main.js:14637)

“xxx” being my username.
Or the proof url is clickable and definitely point to my twitter account, and to my tweet (which is public).

Could you enlight me?
Thanking you in advance :slight_smile:

I run blockstack both in my web browser ( last chrome version 62.0) and in the blockchain mac Os app.

My ID adress : 1JuEgaXxjdPzBg1W7Zh6cyE5v48wyXoNGm

Have a good sale :smiley: