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I don’t know the specific reason why Blockstack v2 is removing the virtualchain concept? Is it just that Blockstack has introduced smart contract or there is some specific reason for removing the Virtualchain.


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I’d recommend this recorded presentation that @aaron gave just this week: Blockstack Whitepaper v2.0 Lunch & Learn

It explains the rationale behind our move to v2 from virtualchain. I’d be curious to hear what you think after you watch it.

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The concept of a virtual chain – embedding extra consensus rules and transaction types inside an existing blockchain – is not going away. In fact, the stacks v2 mining algorithm operates as a virtual chain. However, all of the BNS and STX functionality is getting “moved up” one layer – their data won’t be directly written to Bitcoin any longer.

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So, in Blockstack v1 does virtualchain worked as a bridge? means if any BNS transaction comes from blockstack.js or blockstack-browser so it’ll first go to the virtualchain and then it’ll store into the Bitcoin network.

And what if I want to connect the EOS network rather than the Bitcoin network?


No, that’s not how it works at all. Please see the virtualchain paper for details.