Issues Encountered in Blockstack Portal


I recently updated my blockstack-portal installation and have been running into some issues both on creating an account and restoring an account.

Creating an account:

Restoring an account:

Have you already encountered this issue?


That problem is this issue:

It should be fixed in v0.7.0 - are you still seeing the problem?

That version cleaned up the problems. I’m now getting another issue in the wallet page.

Its getting an empty response but the API is up and running.

How are you running the Portal? Are you using the mac app? If not, which version of Core are you running?

I’m running it on Ubuntu 14.04, using “npm run dev” and “npm run dev-proxy”.

Output from running “blockstack info”:

"advanced_mode": true, 
"cli_version": "", 
"consensus_hash": "119667c2113725e955dfe571239b3cc3", 
"last_block_processed": 460164, 
"last_block_seen": 463675, 
"queues": {}, 
"server_alive": true, 
"server_host": "", 
"server_port": 6264, 
"server_version": ""

Not trying to turn this thread into an issue portal lol, what I’m really trying to find out is which branch I should use to get to work.

Portal v0.7.0 uses this branch

Sorry about the confusion.

Much appreciated Larry!

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I was trying to install this branch of blockstack-core and “” cant seem to find the dependencies I already have installed.

The portal branch v0.8 remove the error I first reported. Now the console is telling me that the core api password is not valid. I’m still using the same core version since I couldn’t install the version you recommended for some reason. Thank you for all your patience and help

Hey @marcel wanted to loop back here and make sure you figured everything out.

Tagging @larry on this as well.