Issue with blockstack ID

Hi guys. I’ve got a bit of an issue. If I go to it has been saying “Profile being processed: once the blockchain confirms the data this notice will disappear (~12 hours after signup)” for a couple weeks now.

If I open up my blockstack browser I can see that that address is in fact tied to my

So my first question is, when will that message go away on onename profile and how do I access the wallet/private keys from the one name bitcoin address “1Fe63XU4weXYuVfg2oTczGfLAVREB5i5Np” as I see no ability to do that in the blockstack browser or the onename website admin.

Second question is how come none of my changes are saving in the blockstack browser, only the onename page seems to save settings.

And finally on the blockstack explorer of vortex .id it never seems to be able to load the zone file.

Paging @muneeb perhaps you can help me with this issue.

I’ve had this same issue for ages now as well. My Onename has the same message. My CLI no longer shows I have my domain registered. But the Blockstack Explorer shows it as the correct owner. Not sure what is going on. Feels like there are too many ID sources of truth for Blockstack at this point in time and I’m currently waiting for the situation to clear up a bit.

Can both of you please email [email protected] and we will get these issues sorted out for you?

RE: too many sources of truth -> There is only one source of truth for the blockstack system - the bitcoin blockchain. I’m unsure why your ID is not showing as owned by your CLI. I will note that this address looks like a segwit address. Is this address owned by your wallet?

Same issue as here with the "“Profile being processed:…” warning in Onename since transferring to Blockstack in Nov '17 and the name registration looks good in Blockstack (which unfortunately doesn’t have the public facing profile like Onename which I’ve used as my signature on Twitter for years).

Also like @ootoovak my Onename profile is not showing the Facebook proof despite having the requisite Facebook post (although facebook shows as verified in the Blockstack browser).

As per your suggestion I emailed onename support so hopefully they’ll be able to help. Thx

Thanks, @robdee. Responded to you via email.

Hi, I have the same problem with “zone file loading” never finishing. Also changes made to my profile don’t stick either. Has a solution been found?