Issue signing in with Blockstack through a chrome extension

I’m trying to create a chrome extension using Reactjs that uses Blockstack to sign into the extension. However, I cant seem to login when I press the sign in button. Instead of redirecting to blockstack browser, nothing happens. I’m using userSession.redirectToSignIn() to handle the login process.

I get the following message on the console.
> [INFO] blockstack.js: generating v1.3.1 auth request
> index_bundle.js:7577 [INFO] Attempting protocol launch via iframe injection.
> index_bundle.js:7577 [INFO] Protocol handler not detected.
> index_bundle.js:7572 [WARN] protocol handler not detected

I’m using blockstack.js version 19.1.0.

Sorry for the delay here, @arunpdl013.

I asked internally and @zone117x informed me that a standalone web extension environment is not supported yet within our system.

He says an app domain needs to be setup and the web extension could interact with the webpage during the auth flow.


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Thanks for the response, @markmhendrickson.
I have incorporated iframe into the extension to load the webpage until a better solution comes up. Hope a new authentication approach that supports web extensions gets implemented soon.

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Any updates on whether it’s possible to sign into blockstack through a web extension? Are there any good work arounds to give a web extension access to gaia storage? My initial thought is to redirect a user to a website where they can sign in and then use message passing to get the web extension the relevant data.

We’ve been rebuilding the Blockstack Browser to function within a web extension and believe that the new version should support 3rd party web extensions better as well.

We’re going to release the new authenticator work soon here on the forum and would love your feedback then to know if it does indeed meet your needs here!