Issue in namespace preorder transaction

I am running my own blockstack-core node which running api on 6270 port and indexing service on 6264 port
I have set parameters in blockstack-cli as below

blockstackAPIUrl: 'http://myhost:6270',
blockstackNodeUrl: 'http://myhost:6264',
broadcastServiceUrl: `http://${PUBLIC_TESTNET_HOST}:16269`,
utxoServiceUrl: `http://${PUBLIC_TESTNET_HOST}:18332`,

i have issue in running testnet in local so i had set parameters as above

but when i am running namespace preorder transaction i have monitored in log that price counting part is performing in my blockstack-core node and after that transaction go to testnet and than part file is executed in testnet blockstack-core. I have seen that in testnet.log file of testnet blockstack.

Please describe the flow of transection or is there anything missing in my configuration ?

If all you’re trying to do is issue a namespace-preorder, then please use the blockstack-cli -t option to talk to the public testnet.