Is there any specific instruction doc for setting up gaia-hub?

I want to set up gaia-hub. For that, I am using Official doc of Blockstack. But I am not able to do that , I am getting error 502 bad gateway while I am writing PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS/hub_info. How can I solve this error.
Can I store any file to that hub or only I can store the Dapp user data.
Can I run gaia as a stand alone? if yes, than how? Send me helpful docs

What is the use of bitcoinjs library in the Gaia. What is the role of that? If I remove the bitcoinjs library ,still gaia will wok as it is?

Which one is truly decentralized Gaia or IPFS?

Please give me specific answer , that will help me a lot for contributing into blockstack.

Have you tried these instructions?

if you can share your webserver config or otherwise share specifics on how you set this up i’m willing to take a look.
502 without any context is incredibly difficult to resolve, but generally speaking your /hub_info location isn’t getting a valid response back from the backend (the gaia-hub application server).

Yes, I am following this doc only, For that I have done instance configuration in that, when I am writing public IP address on google , I am getting you are probably looking for gaia hub than i am clicking on that url it will redirecting to the PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS/hub_info than I am getting 502 Bad Gateway error.
so, how can I solve that?

Can you provide a screen capture of the screen you are getting and more context. Where are you getting that error – what are you trying to do?

I am following this tutorial and I have a query that, in shared screen shot , at the place of KEY_PHRASE, what I have to write?(what i have to replace here , instead of hubba)

I have make a domain and binf with the IP but I am doing search like mydomain/hub_info , than In response I am not getting anything.

when I am doing my AWS instance IP/hub_info , still it showing like:

how can I resolved this?

Is there , any particular tutorial to refer this in detail? I tried this 3-4 time , but I am not able to set up this.

Hi, I’ve been testing out our AMI documentation here and it appears that all “ephemeral” AMIs are currently broken whereas the “EBS” ones work.

Have you been running into this error with an ephemeral AMI? And if so, mind trying an EBS one (namely blockstack-gaia_hub-ebs-0001.0.2-hvm - ami-0427266a1817c5cc0)?

That should hopefully unblock you while we work to fix the ephemeral AMI support.

Also per your question about the KEY_PHRASE, you can replace that variable with any password-like string that you prefer to use.

Just as an FYI, when we are troubleshooting we need captures of:

  • configuration dialogs or output from the same
  • the output from a command in the terminal
  • errors on a browser developer console

A screen capture of the documentation you reference is not necessary.

A KEY_PHRASE is equivalent to a password — it is word or combination of characters that you will remember. I’ll clarify that in the documentation. The point here, is there is no specific phrase, make one up you like and will remember.