Is the Blockstack Token Sale still open for non-accredited users?

I thought the sale ended on Nov. 15th, but the GetStarted link on is still live and offers a option for non-accredited investors to “Register for Waitlist”. Can we have an explanation please for what this means? Is it still possible to sign up to receive a voucher?

Honestly im not sure and looking for an answer as well…

But after my registration and the whole verification things, i got an email where i was told
"Voucher for up to 3000$, u get it 22nd November or later" (what means later?^^)

Till now i didnt receive another email but i guess they are working very long until now :confused:

Last I heard was that they expected to start giving vouchers on 1st of Dec. Though it might be a bit later.

I’m a bit surprised about the registration still being open. But in the view of getting as many humans into the system, and making it as broad as possible. Is that maybe a good thing? What would be the negatives of keeping it open still now?

@gina do you know why it’s still open?

Thanks @odinho! At the moment we have an open Voucher Waitlist. If there are any vouchers left over (vouchers have a $3K limit per voucher) then they can be released to the waiting list. Vouchers that have already been registered will be sent out on 12/1.


How do you tell if a voucher was registered? Thanks again

Hi there - if you received a confirmation email that says “congratulations! You have registered for a voucher, we may reach out in the coming weeks asking for more information…” then you should be good to go! :slight_smile:


Did that several weeks ago… can you tell the from email address? thanks again - In particular, I got this page - (Token Sale Registration

Over the next two weeks, we’ll review your ID.

Certain IDs will be subject to additional review and you may be asked for a photo upload of a government ID.

Then, we’ll send you a “voucher” for a future potential purchase. This will be subject to applicable law and you may not be able to buy tokens under the voucher.

The voucher you receive will include your legal name, the number of tokens you may be eligible to buy, and your maximum price per token.)

Do not believe I ever received an e-mail. Thanks again