Is public testnet alive?

Stacks Explorer by Hiro shows no new confirmed nor pending transactions since 2 days. Anyone knows if testnet is down or is it explorer problem? Should I use different url for testnet chain now?

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This is from the 22nd. I haven’t seen an update yet.

Please keep an eye on the stacks-testnet channel in Discord under the “builders” header. If you do not have access to the channel yet you can give yourself the appropriate role in Discord by visiting the pick-interests channel first.

I’ve seen similar info posted to Then, few theys ago, they posted info that we should use instead, and they have set testnet services status back to “green”. I’m still confused though. The “public testnet” doesn’t have new transactions since almost 2 weeks now. I’ve switched to nakamoto testnet, but it doesn’t look fully functional, i.e. looks like faucet is not working, history doesn’t show more than coinbase transactions and fee stats are zeroed. Is there any blog post or other document giving complete explaination on how one does test his contracts after the Nakamoto upgrade?