Is it possible to run a Permissioned Blockstack?

I was wondering if it is possible to run a permissioned, private Blockstack node for Enterprise use which syncs with other nodes in the Atlas network? Are there any live examples of this?

Hey @blockpac,

There aren’t any private deployments of Blockstack that I know of, but it’s technically possible (the integration test framework does this via bitcoind -regtest, for example). You’d need to stand up a private deployment of Bitcoin to host the name transactions, and then deploy private Blockstack nodes that index it.

Keep in mind that a private deployment will not communicate with the public Atlas network, because the Atlas peers only communicate with other Atlas peers that index the same name transactions (and ignore others). This is a safety feature to prevent forks of Blockstack from talking to one another and wasting each other’s time in trying to fetch zone files for transactions that don’t exist in each other’s name databases. This includes both public and private forks.

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Thanks @jude
Could you please point me to any documentation that describes how to deploy private Blockstack nodes to a private Bitcoin node? As I can’t seem to find it.

It’s not documented anywhere, because it’s not a supported mode of operation.

However, if you want to instantiate a private Bitcoin deployment, then you can instantiate a private Blockstack deployment simply by pointing your Blockstack nodes at your Bitcoin deployment. This can be achieved by editing your Blockstack Core node’s ~/.blockstack-server/blockstack-server.ini.

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