Is it possible to have ethereum dapps on blockstack?

Blockstack community member @janaka-steph on slack ( asked:

“Is it possible to have ethereum dapps on blockstack?”

Hey @janaka-steph yes Ethereum dapps (decentralized apps) can be built on Blockstack. The key with Blockstack apps is they use the Blockstack Identity System and Blockstack Storage. Other components can definitely utilize Ethereum smart contracts.

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@ryan I have Ethereum dapp and would like to run it within blockstack in order to have storage for my assets - may I ask you for any advice on this? I have no idea whether it is possible with blockstack or even where to start.

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@skowronh a warm welcome to the Blockstack community. That’s completely fine, and we’ll do our best to help! Feel free to list out your questions here and we’ll answer them inline.

@skowronh We’ll be coming up with simple tutorials shortly (say in the next 4-6 weeks) and the tutorials will be the best place to start. Also, a new version of the Blockstack API is being released in 2 weeks and going through the docs of the API is another great resource. You can learn how to use storage end-points etc.

If you can share more details, we can then point you to specific documentation – thanks!