Investing in blockstack tokens

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I’ve been reading a bit about the blockstack protocol and wanted to know how does one go about buying the associated token?

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There are vouchers out there for non-accredited investors. There’s still no word if another round will go out for those that are interested.

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves, you can start completing tasks on Prism here:

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Thanks. One more question given the idea here is to push a new browser for adoption what role does the actual token play here? Is the expectation that all engagements on the blockchain browser would require transacting in the native token?

Hi @Nate5000,

Registration for the Token Sale has closed and vouchers have been sent to unaccredited investors.

For detailed information about the Blockstack Token (Stacks), feel free to check out the Token Whitepaper, Token Distribution, and Token FAQ docs.

The big thing the Stacks token will be used for is “ID” and sub domain registrations on the network; this will give it real “utility” as opposed to just being a speculative investment. Think ETH is used to power smart contacts, Stacks are used to power name registrations. If you want, you can use the Stacks Testnet to get a feel of how this will work. Here’s a video I did on how to install the experimental Blockstack CLI so you can get a feel for it.

In the future the Stacks token could be used for subscription services for Dapps that gain traction on Blockstack. I’m sure there are a bunch of use cases I’m missing, but the former is one of the biggest ones out there.

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