Introducing Videoface by BlockSurvey - An asynchronous video communication platform

Hey everyone :v:

Excited to announce a side project we have been working on at BlockSurvey.

VideoFace is an asynchronous video communication tool. Use it to gather opinions, feedback, testimonials, and more. It’s an end to end encrypted product and completely secure. Own your data(video) with VideoFace.

This project will help us to validate to see if there is an interest in video surveys among consumers.
It’s free to use and we look forward to your feedback.

We are on product hunt today. Please do try us and if you like it, Support us at

A sample video from one of our interns :point_up_2:. Check out to see a sample :slight_smile:

What’s next for VideoFace?
:memo: Widgets
:memo: Add video buffering for performance
:memo: Analytics
:memo: Notification
:memo: Support for Safari and Firefox

I hope you guys enjoy the product! Follow this thread for major updates !! Thanks.