Introducing Radiks: a framework for building Blockstack apps

Hey everyone! I’m excited to share something I’ve been working on for a while. It’s called Radiks, and it’s a framework for building complex Blockstack apps. Some of you may have seen some work in progress, but today we’re going to soft-launch so we can get people actually trying it out.

The best place to start is the introducing Radiks blog post. That gives the high-level overview of what it does and why it exists. If you want to dig in, check out the Github repo, which has more technical details and covers a lot of the APIs. You can also check out LetterMesh, which is a blogging platform I built using Radiks (also on Github).

This is just the start, and there is a lot more I plan on improving to make this thing better and more easy to use. You can also expect a tutorial to come out sometime next week. Go ahead and follow this forum post for updates :slight_smile: .

Thanks for checking it out!



Awesome work @hank! So exited this is live now :smiley:


Fantastic work, really pleased with the inclusion of collaboration since I think that’s going to be a feature many apps will need (mine included)

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Congrats on finishing it the project! Looks really good, and important for bigger, enterprise-style apps.

I’m interested in seeing where you’re going with it, though one particular features I’m looking forward to is the database abstraction so I can use rethink… haha.



Really exciting work Hank–looking to see about applying Radiks’ modelling and collaboration solutions to some work we’re doing. Thanks! :raised_hands:


Great work Hank! I pleased to see the blog post. Hope all your other plans will come true. Good luck!


Rethink is very cool. Radiks should soon have support for the same real-time features, using MongoDB. I also think that database abstraction is important, but I don’t have very near-term plans for that.

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