Interfaces binded to by blockstack core/api server

Hey, just updated my blockstack node from 18.x to and found no longer able to communicate with the rpc server.

The reason I think is my calls are proxied through nginx inside docker - so I need the core api server to bind on the docker interface on debian which is

e.g. running on the host
curl http://localhost:6270/v1/names/
works but
fails when running inside the docker container.

Looking through the config (cat .blockstack-server/blockstack-server.ini) I see the rpc_port but no parameter for the interfaces to bind on - e.g. in bitcoin this is configured via rpcallowip=

Can anyone tell me if this is configurable and if so the parameter name and also if its possible to specify more than one interface without specifying the ubiquitous/insecure address e.g. using comma/space sep?

Many thanks, Mike.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you try editing the ~/.blockstack-server/blockstack-server.ini file and making sure the api_host field under [blockstack-api] is set to something besides localhost?

Hi @jude , thanks for the quick reply. I tried this but without success. I’ve made the api requests revert back to if they fail which isn’t ideal but works for now. I will take a deeper look when I have time and report back here. Best, Mike.

Hi @jude just to let you know I just got around to updating core to and changed api_host to the docker debian IP in blockstack-server.ini and everything works nicely for my search indexing service. Thanks for your help!

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