Interesting discussion on the migration of open source projects from Slack to a new platform

Here’s the GitHub conversation:

Here are the goals:


  • Migrate the community from Slack to Rocket.Chat or Riot
  • Create a Rocket.Chat client app in collaboration with other Ethereum projects with a project selector if Rocket.Chat is the chosen platform

Projects supporting this migration

  • Aragon: 5.5k members
  • Decentraland: 3.5k members
  • Cofound. it: 5k members
  • 0xproject: 4.3k members
  • Indorse: 3.3k members
  • Auctus Project: 1.3k members
  • TenX: 12k members

This seems like a really interesting migration effort.

Could be something that the Blockstack community supports and then provides resources for adding in Blockstack Authentication.

What do you think would be easier to add Blockstack Auth to: Riot or Rocket Chat?


Rocket Chat looks like it would be easy to add Blockstack Auth to in that it appears to be a traditional client-server application and it just took a couple of minutes to figure out where code would live:

The story for Riot is more complicated: Riot is a client on Matrix. Here’s what Matrix says about their identity servers:

In order to ensure that the mapping from 3PID to user ID is genuine, a globally federated cluster of trusted “Identity Servers” (IS) are used to verify the 3PID and persist and replicate the mappings. Usage of an IS is not required in order for a client application to be part of the Matrix ecosystem. However, without one clients will not be able to look up user IDs using 3PIDs.

The precise architecture of identity servers is currently in flux and subject to change as we work to fully decentralise them.

Note: “3PID” is an acronym they’ve created for “third party identifiers”.

Looking at it for a couple minutes, I’m not sure where the code for Blockstack Auth would live in Riot/matrix, However, from their docs, It sounds like Blockstack is the decentralized identity solution Matrix is looking for to decentralize their identity servers.

There was/is a related discussion for Blockstack & Matrix on Github:

Matrix is interested in decentralizing their last (kind of) centralized piece of infrastructure. Would love it to see Matrix’ identities completely decentralized :tada: :+1:

Generally I’d prefer Matrix because of their federated network :slight_smile:

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Seems like they’re interested :slight_smile:

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Curious . Why does no one mention and Team support along with Encrypted Git Repos .

Seems good to me.

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