Integrating Blockstack's storage with AWS S3

Can you please point out how to integrate Blockstack with AWS S3 as storage.
I am not finding such capability in my Windows version and I am only able to use GAIA as default storage.

Any help will be appreciated.


Are you looking to use you’re own GAIA hub or do you just wish to specify a different storage back-end?

I wanted to use AWS S3 as my dumb storage (because of encrypted files).

AFAIK the Blockstack (PBC) Gaia Hub only supports their own cloud service, so you’ll have to set up your own Gaia Hub in order to use your own backend. You can look here and here for more information on how to do that.

Others may have more information, though.


Amazon EC2 also uses Amazon S3 to store snapshots (backup copies) of the data volumes. You can use snapshots for recovering data quickly and reliably in case of application or system failures. You can also use snapshots as a baseline to create multiple new data volumes, expand the size of an existing data volume, or move data volumes across multiple Availability Zones, thereby making your data usage highly scalable.

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@riyawilliams, I am not sure how the information you provided is relevant to this question?

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