Integrating Blockstack APIs with mobile app developed in Flutter

What would be the best bet for integrating the Blockstack authentication APIs with a mobile app developed in a cross-platform mobile development framework like Flutter that uses a language (Dart, in this case) for which there are no Blockstack API bindings?

For Flutter, it would work similar to React Native. I started a basic plugin here:

If that does not work for a different framework. you need to implement the auth flow and the gaia protocol yourself…

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Hello @friedger - I’m interested in doing a flutter dApp but not sure if there’s enough stability in pre-release, what do you think? Thanks. The work I did is really only a proof of concept. It shows that it is possible. If you want to build a flutter app you should study the native Android and iOS SDKs as well.

What is the most important part of your app?