Impossible to buy my Username! Tried multiple times


It has been days now that I’ve been trying to get a username. Each time I search for it, it is available, I confirm the purchase, I get the message saying that it will be ready in an hour but it never appears.

I’ve managed to buy multiple other usernames without any issues. It’s always this same username that I can’t get. Can anyone help me please?

Here is the ID I’ve trying to associate the Username with: ID-19xJp1uDb6vDuLjc1yzDjAcvZR9F1MTPuX

Here is my Wallet address: 1Mu3Q2xBTA8ahhSFG75EWNcP8G7FBQHmRm . - It’s almost empty now but I have enough to make the purchase transaction.

Can anyone please help?

Thank you.


Can you DM which username is giving you this problem?