Importing existing user base to blockstack ids

Hey Folks -

Haven’t yet set up blockstack auth, but looking to for the can’t be evil contest. We have an existing user base signed up using traditional auth.

Is there any way to import this user list or should we just give them an option to create new login in with blockstack?

You can do the import by giving each user a BNS subdomain as a username (see the subdomain registrar). This is what we use when we onboard new users – i.e. your username ends in .id.blockstack because it was registered via our subdomain registrar for the BNS name id.blockstack. You can do up to 150 users per Bitcoin transaction.

We migrated all Onename users into Blockstack this way. @aaron might have a script somewhere that can help you facilitate this. However, your users will need to generate a 12-word seed phrase (a private key) and an ID-address so you can sign users up without having to know their private keys.

How does the UX work with such a batch import of users? I’m not aware of a way in which (new) users can claim usernames that have been registered for them and set their seed phrases.

They would have to generate their seed phrases first. It would be more like assigning usernames to addresses once they have them. UX wise that would be the same as our current onboarding flow.


Assuming I have a seed phrase, is there a REST end-point I can call to signup users? Also, is the ID-address format documented anywhere?

I am building an Open Source blockchain-agnostic visual authentication solution and already have support for most major blockchains. I’d love to write and add a Blockstack provider but couldn’t find any technical documentation on ID generation.

Here’s a demo of the alpha release of PhotoBlock, the product to which I want to add Blockstack ID support: