Import the wallet on the cli

Hi, I have a wallet which I created on the browser layer. So how can I use that on the CLI?
Is there any import mechanism?

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If you use the experimental new CLI, you can turn your BIP39 12-word phrase into ECDSA private keys that own your name and pay for name operations. You’ll want to use the make_keychain sub-command to do so.

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I’ve tried this @jude but the entire mnemonic phrase won’t show up after you input the command. It cuts off after you put a space after the first word. Any thoughts on how to alleviate this error?

UPDATE: Why is it right after I make a comment I magically always figure out what I was doing wrong? It helps if you wrap your mnemonic phrase in quotes. SMH…It works quite well after that. Thanks!

Hey @Kitsana,

That sounds like a good thing for me to add to the CLI’s documentation :slight_smile: UNIX command-line interfaces aren’t known for their leniency.