I'm in a pickle

Hi all,

I misplaced my seed phrase where others could have seen it. I have the phrase still. I have stacks that come in from my original investment still. I’m guessing I should open a new wallet, but how do I change where those original stacks go? Also, is there way to protect myself further?

Sorry if this isn’t the place to ask this, but couldn’t a find a place for other support.

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Hey! You can always create a new STX address with a new corresponding Secret Key in the Stacks wallet via hiro.so/wallet, and send your STX to the new address. To generate a new Stacks address, reset the wallet by going to settings -> reset wallet.

Just make sure you have access to both Secret Keys in the process, and you might want to test the transfer with a small number of tokens to start and confirm you have access.

Hi @Gina wondering if you might have missed the second part of the question, the answer to which I am also curious about: If one has ICO stx that are still vesting - can the address for the vesting process be modified so that future vesting distributions go to a new stx wallet address, the one whose seed words are not compromised ?

My understanding is with the vesting process ALL the tokens always reside in the original wallet, they are not sent/received. Vesting just unlocks some % of the tokens via the vesting schedule so that they can be transferred.


@fluidvoice can’t say I am 100% knowledgeable of the exact mechanism, in my case they show on the explorer as STX Transfer transactions.

Apologies for missing the second part of your question, but @fluidvoice is correct here. All the tokens reside at their delivery address and can be transferred out following the monthly unlocks.

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