Identity2020 - Aiding child protection through development of self sovereign ID systems

Identity2020 is a non-profit company with the ambition to create self sovereign digital identity solutions which UNICEF and other NGO’s focused on child welfare protection, can leverage in the field.

The energy and inspiration behind the creation of the company is the film Meena, directed by Lucy Liu, which triggered an action and a design led outcome. Meena Haseena was eight years old when she was kidnapped by her uncle and sold to a brothel. For over a decade she was forced into sexual slavery. She gave birth to two children while in captivity, whom she later rescued after her own escape from the brothel. The lack of self sovereign identity or identity full stop is a challenge in sexual exploitation and trafficking.

Data protection, in areas such as Sierra Leone, is challenging. In this instance children of families that have been exposed to Ebola are targeted; as such creating and maintaining secure medical records is essential. Current processes are time consuming and expensive.

Since July 2014 John has created a team and a partner program to start the first phases of a research and development project to bring the best and brightest minds in blockchain and identity, plus expertise in legal, compliance and governance, to create a sister program to UNICEF’s existing project.

This program will learn from the expertise in the field and will in return bring the generational advance in computer science that is blockchain, to the social impact challenge that is child protection, through digital identity.Meena Movie Website

Interesting. I believe I saw a presentation on this at a OuiShare workshop. What would you think of a project to use P2P platforms to provide legal infrastructure generally?

Part of an effort to codify legal transacting.

I wonder what Identity2020 would think of CheapID - are these efforts related or complimentary at all?