Identities and diamonds... do not be afraid of the barriers

.id’s in Blockstack are diamonds hidden behind two barriers, the price and the process to get them, do not be afraid of the barriers, they always hide great prizes … the high price of identities (~100 $ due to the current bitcoin fees), makes them save and available to you now, or when the network launches its tokens and register will be cheaper.
I do not want identities like Ethereum .eth… very cheap but without quality, you can search in aftermarket or in and you will find identities like facebo0k.eth, w*f a .eth domain is ??? an identity must be symbolized with a .id extension… it’s like the aluminum of a Mac… he says quality (I know… TLDs domains at Indonesian ICANN based is also .id, but this is a descentralized ecosystem that manages the names almost like Twitter but with cryptocurrency wallets linked to the profiles and you owm your data… beautiful !!! ).
If we want a healthy and quality .id’s and a great aftermarket we must put barriers.
This small team is building a space shuttle and solving 1000 problems every day with a mission and a meaning… be patient with them.
Do not be afraid of barriers, do your best to sail through, they hide diamonds.