Ideas for new laptop

OT kind of, but still help wanted in a sense. So the 2010 iMac I have is starting to burn the screen, while it’s not something to really worry about in the short term, I’ve thought about upgrading for a while, especially since Docker doesn’t work because on the old CPU, so I’ve been looking around for a new Macbook Pro instead, and yes, other laptops are cheaper, but I have accessories for Mac that I can use, I’m not looking 100% at Apple laptops though, it’s more for convenience.

My question is though, what are you using, and what should I be looking for, the one I found for a good price have a nice 32GB ram, but not much local storage, I’m thinking of picking up external storage for projects I wanna save, and keep around for a while, mostly side projects and so on, my thought is that, it might be better to spring for external storage and copy files over to local instead of higher local storage, specially since storage costs alot when it comes to Mac’s.

Any Ideas? Tell me your setup, might give me some inspiration on what to get, and yes, price is a factor, unfortunately.