ID´s not showing up

Hi there,

I registered an ID. After I confirmed with my password I checked if it was added to my ID´s, but it was not.
I created another new ID and the same issue. Now I have 2 new Identities but on both it says Add Username.
Also the same amount of Bitcoin in my wallet as before registering the 2 names.

Can somebody tell me what went wrong?

Thank you!

hey @xxx, i had a similar issue, and the way I worked around this issue was following steps:

  1. Go to More
  2. Click new id by Create New ID / enter your password / Create new Id
  3. Click “Add username” then click Cancel

At this point it takes you back to Home, but if you go back to “More” you will notice your existing Id populated not the new Id created

hi @eminsblock, thanks for your help, but now there are already other things happening.
i have to wait for help from blockstack staff…

support team please! need some advice!

thank you!

Hi @xxx, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your IDs. Please reach out to [email protected], we’d be happy to help!