IC3 newsletter

IC3 just released their Q1 newsletter. It has a good summary of relevant events and research papers. Check it out: http://www.initc3.org/files/IC3.Newsletter.Q1.2017.pdf

Here are the upcoming events:

• IC3 Winter Retreat in SF February 23-24, 2017, San Francisco
IC3 staff and members gather twice per year to discuss the major technical challenges and
innovative solutions to widespread blockchain adoption. Includes presentations, panels, and
sessions for networking with the IC3 professors, students, and other IC3 members. Stay
tuned for the agenda and further event info!

• Blockchain Protocol Analysis and Security Engineering 2017 January 26-27, 2017, Stanford
Presentations by IC3 co-Directors Prof. Elaine Shi and Prof. Emin Gün Sirer

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