I want to change the email I first associated with my Blockstack forum account

Hi everyone,

I’m new to blockstack. I tried to create a forum account initially with my blockstack profile but my email was one letter off (thus, I did not receive the verification emails). Is there anything I can do to reset the email I initially entered to still be able to use this blockstack forum with my blockstack account and not with GitHub? The only way I can think to do it is by reseting my entire ID, but there’s gotta be a better way than that >.<

Thanks y’all.

@deepcycle1 You should be able to change your email address in your Preferences.

I have the same issue. Just got started and cannot get Verification email.

How do I correct my blockstack Email? Sebastian says to use Preferences? I am not able to find any Preferences on the blockstack pages?

Can someone offer advice?

Thx much,

Natthan Reed

I think I now understand my issue.

  1. Brand new to BlockStack.
  2. While seeing my initial user ID and Password I was asked for Email.
  3. I did not understand this Email was for a BlockStack Application named FORUM?
  4. I now believe the email was for a BlockStack Application named FORUM.
  5. So…
  6. To correct the Email address…
  7. a) log in to blockstack
  8. b) click to open FORUM application
  9. c) In toolbar you will nee to click the symbol in the toolbar to the right of the search and menu symbols.
  10. d) you will then see the option Preferences
  11. e) click preferences to modify the email address


Nathan Reed