I tried to update my profile last week but it failed

“vsund” wrote on Slack:

I tried to update my profile last week with the cli (which failed with an error). Onename didn’t show my profile correctly (of course). But now, it shows the right profile, but when I append .json, it says my zonefile is empty (resolver.onename.com shows the old zonefile that I tried to update). How’s that possible?

@muneeb wrote on Slack:

I’d say that what the resolver and CLI are showing is the current state of the profile and .json is working for me on onename.com for your profile

“vsund” wrote on Slack:

Is it possible, that the update via cli fails because the format of my wallet.json is outdated? I just saw that the format changed pretty much, and my isn’t up to date. Is there a way to migrate this?

@vsund I think that may be a problem. Try upgrading the Blockstack CLI to the most recent version and then check to make sure your wallet.json has been updated as well. @muneeb and @jude may be able to provide further context.

I update regularly but my wallet.json stays as it is every time.

Related to this is also: https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-cli/issues/179

Hey @vsund thanks again for reporting. @jude responded to you in the GitHub thread.

Yeah, saw it (and already responded :slight_smile: ).

I chatted a bit with Jude. It seems that I use an old format of the wallet.json which was created before the multisig wallets came. Normally it should be compatible, but there are problems with generating the multisig keys automatically (if I understood everything correctly).
But @jude can tell much more (and guaranteed correct :smiley: ) things about this.