I purchased 2 IDs, my wallet was debited but the IDs never appeared in my account?

I purchased 2 IDs, my wallet was debited but the IDs never appeared in my account? If you look at the wallet transactions, they are there, the names were available and once I made the purchase, the names became unavailable.

Please help!

What do you see when you search for the full id (like “example.id”) into https://explorer.blockstack.org/ ? If it shows the “Owner” address as one of the addresses you own, then you own the ID.

As another option, you can take the deposit address for your Blockstack wallet and search it on a block explorer like blockchain.info. You should see 2 transactions for each ID that you registered. One of them is a NAME_PREORDER transaction that sends bitcoin to the burn address 1111111111111111111114oLvT2 . The second one is a NAME_REGISTER transaction that sends bitcoin to the address which will own the ID.

If both of those transactions have confirmations for both IDs, then you own the IDs and the only issue is to solve why your browser is de-synced and not displaying them correctly.

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My wallet ID is 15wKwGHPNEPZ6SQ5baLSdRurPKu6AepGxR, can’t see the names of the transactions. Thanks for your help!

I see 5 NAME_PREORDER transactions here: https://blockchain.info/address/15wKwGHPNEPZ6SQ5baLSdRurPKu6AepGxR . Those are the transactions where your wallet sends bitcoin to 1111111111111111111114oLvT2 to burn it.

I see 2 NAME_REGISTRATION transactions for karl.id and news.id . Those IDs should be 100% yours at this point. Do you see them in your browser?

Are there 3 more IDs that you’re missing? There should be the same number of NAME_PREORDER and NAME_REGISTER transactions whereas I see 5 vs 2 for your wallet.

My understanding of the system is that registering an ID will submit a NAME_PREORDER transaction and then your browser will wait for confirmations. After the preorder is confirmed, your browser will have 144 blocks (about 24 hours) to submit the NAME_REGISTER transaction. It does the registration automatically in the background.

That’s why the Blockstack Browser says to make sure that you keep it open after registering an ID and it shows a little clock icon next to the ID. If your Browser does not send the NAME_REGISTER transaction, then the name does not get registered.

It looks like your “preorders” that are missing a “register” are more than 144 blocks old, so you may have missed out. If no one else registered the name, you can register it again.

You can try doing a hard refresh (shift-refresh) of the browser window to see if it triggers the browser to send the NAME_REGISTER transactions. However, I think it’s too late to get them without paying again.

Yes, I have 2 IDs that don’t even show up in my panel and another that still shows the little clock beside it. Any way I can finish that transaction? The amount came out of my wallet.

The blockstack browser currently only supports one I d at a time. The system supports more, but you are not seeing the others because of that UI limitation. The one that is hanging is probably one of those preorder registrations that never got a name registration done afterwards.