I lost my 99stx

Hi all, yesterday I lost my 99stx some one help me please

I lost my 99stx some help me, when made Withdraw a puted letter in memo

Hey there, we’d need some additional info to help here. Would you be able to share the transaction ID? Thanks!


I am seeing a 99 STX transfer as confirmed: https://explorer.stacks.co/address/SP1BZ4ZM4W5K4GK4EN5KHH0X770038W0C5F1FZVJH?chain=mainnet it appears there is a .99 STX transfer that is pending. The nonce appears to be correct, so this should either complete or be discarded after 256 blocks.

My TXID correct


That’s been confirmed.

I not received, why?

Something’s is wrong there has two pending 99sx and 0.999stx. Why?

The transaction went through on the Stacks blockchain – if you sent them to an exchange, then you’d need to reach out to support there.