I have another question about afari

I know blockstack is peer to peer well sort of But what happens if say afari goes offline would I still be able to use it or no Like are there some apps that I’ll stay online even after they stopped development for it or after they become defunct or is that it once it dies

Your Afari app data is stored in your Gaia hub, so it will remain online as long as your Gaia hub remains online. Moreover, you’ll own that data for as long as you keep your Gaia hub around, even if Afari disappears.

Sweet But now for some reason I can’t even access that have when I open my Web browser on my phone it just comes up to a blank page and I’m using Chrome

I think I’ve managed to get it to work with Firefox but for some reason it doesn’t work with the mobile Chrome Web browser which is kind of odd

cc @avthars

Hey lostsystem.id.blocks

Avthar from Afari here. Sorry you’re having problems logging in and viewing the web app. Please email us with screenshots of what’s going on to [email protected]

Moreover, Afari is in public beta, so we expect (but are trying the minimize) bugs or crashes. We’re doing our best to build out our mobile app, while also keep up with bugs on the web app.

Lastly, I echo Jude’s answer that your data is in your GAIA bucket, so even if Afari disappears off the face of the earth, that data is usable. That said, Afari is a full fledged company, so we don’t plan on stopping development anytime soon. Moreover, we plan to release an open source aggregator so that the app data remains usable in other front ends.

Team Afari

Thanks man