I came here to avoid the blocked the Internet in South Korea

South Korea, The government is blocking sites like PornHub.

Korea is a small China.

The government is also trying to control Netflix.

I think the blockchain is the answer.

Can I create an app? For freedom


Yes, someone should build Porn website too (paying service by crypto currencies) or any kind of copyleft content website.

I guess here can be a hot discussion concerning your attitude towards Korea as a small China.

What I got from the context is the government of country X is blocking website Y.

I don’t care even if Y is Silk Road. The real internet should have YIN and YANG - i.e. Dark web (porn sites) - normal websites.

I think the real internet shouldn’t be blocked, only some bad websites.

Who decide what’s a bad website?

I mean the websites that are usually blocked (pornsites, virus websites, etc).

I don’t think pornsites are bad. Same with virus. Apple say jailbreak is bad, virus - but I think it’s good.

Yes, tastes are different. Some websites that seems to be bad for one person can be useful for another. Of course, the virus websites should be blocked from the safety reasons.

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Yes, and I guess we don’t like any single person tell us what’s right or wrong right?

Anyhow if majority decide A is wrong >>> I follow majority decision (Whether it’s pornsites or virus websites or App mining reward or almost anything else)