How write directly into another user Gaia Service

How write directly into another user Gaia Service or write on behalf of one another. Assuming Alice and Bob are Partners. Is it possible for Alice to write
directly into Bobs Gaia service and Vice versa.

I saw this API documentation below and I was wondering if it could be achieved with that or is there any other way

PUT/store/<public-key-hash>/<file-name> it is use to write data to user gaia service on behalf user by applications
GET/store/<public-key-hash>/<file-name> reads file from user defined by public key hash.

can someone provide me code sample of how to utlize this API. currently, I only know how to post to my gaia via the code below
but cannot post to another user Gaia.

 //const options = { encrypt: false, zoneFileLookupURL: '' }
const options = { encrypt: false }
 putFile(test.json, JSON.stringify(content), options)
      .then((res) => {
       // print returned data here

Hi @martn

I have asked the same question quite a while ago and as far as I recall writing to another user’s storage is not yet possible.

It would open up a lot of great possibilities where for example government institutions or companies that have a relation to the user, can write ‘trusted’ information to their storage buckets, allowing for example for faster on-boarding processes for new services.


@martn There is the concept of scoped auth tokens. The main part is already implemented. However, there is no public API in blockstack.js to use them. For details please see:

Thanks so much @friedger