How will you use smart contracts?

The PBC team is working on smart contracts. How do you plan to use them in your app? What new kind of apps will you build? What types of new apps and functionality are you excited to see?

Just curious. Thx :pray:


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Prediction apps like gamble.

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How long time do you learn lisp language and master it? @aaron

So do I need to begin with common lisp or others?any practical docs?

I did not know Lisp before Aaron started working on the Clarity runtime. It took me less than 1 hour to learn Clarity from standing-start.

I am currently working on a license smart contract that

  • allows users to buy a license from a licenser
  • allows developers to verify if a user has a valid license
  • supports non-expiring and expiring licenses

I am still unsure how to define license types and how to best set initial parameters like price.

Can’t wait to have a web provider implementation :slight_smile:

The source code is available at