How will you use smart contracts?

The PBC team is working on smart contracts. How do you plan to use them in your app? What new kind of apps will you build? What types of new apps and functionality are you excited to see?

Just curious. Thx :pray:


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Prediction apps like gamble.

How long time do you learn lisp language and master it? @aaron

So do I need to begin with common lisp or others?any practical docs?

I did not know Lisp before Aaron started working on the Clarity runtime. It took me less than 1 hour to learn Clarity from standing-start.

I am currently working on a license smart contract that

  • allows users to buy a license from a licenser
  • allows developers to verify if a user has a valid license
  • supports non-expiring and expiring licenses

I am still unsure how to define license types and how to best set initial parameters like price.

Can’t wait to have a web provider implementation :slight_smile:

The source code is available at

Smart contract can be used in numberless way. The use cases are many.

1. Smart contracts in finance: Finance industries are seeking everyone’s attention nowadays as being one of the highest revenue generating spaces.Handling finance industry isn’t an easy job.Datas are the main part of finance area.Each and every record must be handled safely and in an organized way.These can done and executed by smart contracts as they provide transparent way.By inheriting smart contracts,these industries can avoid accounting,auditing and reporting costs.

2. Supply chain management: Industries involved in supply chain management functionality,always have a need for a tracking system and verification process to be carried out.Tracking supply chains( items) will be the main part as misuse or fraud activities may happen. By smart contract establishment,the tracking can be keenly observed to avoid thefts and reduction in verification.Smart contracts regulates the verification simultaneously neglecting odd ones.

3. Trading process: In trading,we are aware of many fraud activities and hackings.Many unknown third party may get into the trading platform causing collapse of the entire system.The third party involvement and the broker fees can be neglected by using smart contracts in trading.

4. Voting: During voting, fraud activities occur which are made by humans too these days.Instead of using computer systems we can step into smart contracts to avoid these problems.Smart contracts are a simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. They can be used to validate a voter’s identity and record their vote.This information can be used to initiate an action after the voting process.

5. Insurance: Smart contracts can initiate the claiming process of insurance taken by the individuals. They automate error checks and determine payout amounts depending on the type of policy taken by the individual or organization.Smart contracts reduce processing times,costs and makes dramatic reduction in errors. Smart contracts are used for any accident and the immediate activation of claims.

6. Property ownership: Property ownership from buildings, land etc can be digitally recorded by usage of smart contracts as they are faster and cost-efficient. Smart contracts can remove the need for expensive services provided by housing brokers. This new technology enables sellers to handle the transactions on their own.

7. Mortgages: Smart contract mortgages allow the buyer and seller to digitally agree to the sale before processing the payment. Once this is done, the contract would update the property ownership details to reflect the change of ownership.

8.Escrow: Escrow is the advanced use case of smart contracts. Escrow refers to the process of storing value between the parties when the contract is still active.With smart contracts it is made possible to automate the entire function making the service provider submit its outputs.There are many companies using smart contracts for this purpose.

9. Storage of records: Blockchain technology helps the medical industry to save the entire databases of personal health records to be securely encrypted. Blockchain enabled smart contracts are also used in issuing prescriptions, storing receipts, general stock management, storing test results etc.

10. Peer to peer transactions: Smart contracts are used for launching fundraising platforms for selling items on the internet.Peer to peer transactions are safer with smart contract deployment.Investors of all sizes make use of this platform for successful transactions.