How to use multiple storage providers at once with the CLI?

Currently the only point my profile data is stored, is my own server. In case it’s down, nobody is able to resolve my profile.
So I want to add some backup storage providers to back up the data at multiple points.

The CLI (with debugging on) says that there are a few different storage providers.
Loaded storage driver 'disk', 'blockstack_resolver', 'blockstack_server', 'http', 'dht'

How can I store my profile on these providers via the CLI? I’m sure that this should happen in my zonefile, but I couldn’t find a zonefile which has more entries than one for ‘http’.

And I read somewhen in Slack that there’s the concept of “Atlas nodes” which store all data (mutable and immutable). Is this an own provider type? If so, which one of these above?

Thanks for all the information :slight_smile:

Atlas nodes are for storing the zonefiles. These zonefiles are typically small (<4KB). Your profile data and any other data that you want to associate with your profile should be stored on blockstack-supported storage backend. We have written drivers for a bunch of storage backends as you can see in the list of storage providers.

I’d recommend not using the (legacy) DHT for storage, and look into connecting a provider like Dropbox or S3 and putting your data there. I’ll let @jude chime in as well.

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