How to use Cloud storage with blockstack?

Hello guys

We have been working on real time app and we wish to store data on cloud (due to limitations of local storage). We know 0.17 release has issues with cloud storage so cloud storage is not supported in release 18. What is progress on that part because we are lagging in our app due to cloud storage part.
Or if there is workaround to use Cloud kindly share that as well.

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@InzmamUlHassan We support remote storage in the latest versions of the application with the Javascript API

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Hello @jackzampolin
This is in the latest relase description from @larry Release 0.19.1

Known issues
These will be fixed in an upcoming release:
Dropbox support is temporarily disabled in this release. It will be re-enabled in a future release. #908

If there is a cloud supprot please share how to use it bcz i have been following you from some time now. Thank you.

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Will Apple’s iCloud be included as one option?

Will this be ‘easy’ enough for front end ‘web designers’ who have a huge ‘programming’ deficit to overcome? My HTML5, CSS and responsive web design (without Bootstrap) are good to go and I’m trying to get up to speed with Javascript / JQuery but the learning curve is steep at this point.


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Hello has the cloud storage been enabled yet