How to transfer a name from the Blockstack Browser

Looking for help getting a name registered in the Blockstack Browser beta transferred to a key I control via the Blockstack CLI.

Hey @denisnazarov, we currently don’t have a feature for transferring names out of the browser. That’s coming soon.

That said, you can retrieve the raw private key, then create a new CLI wallet and replace the autogenerated private key with the retrieved private key.

Tagging @jude on this one as well to see if he has anything to add.

Cool, I got my backup phrase from the Browser, would be great to document the next steps of getting the private key into the CLI and so on.

@denisnazarov @ryan How can I find my raw private key from the browser?

@dwang If you are running on Mac its going to be at ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blockstack/config/wallet.json. We are going to be posting tutorials on this topic soon!

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