How to submit form to email address without revealing email

I want to build a survey app where you can email a blockstack user (the person who created the survey) via a form, however I don’t want to give away the users email. Is that possible? The flow would look something like this:

  1. person fills in form
  2. form is submitted to blockstack user
  3. form data is stored in backend archive for blockstack user to review
  4. form data is also emailed to blockstack user on submit

If so, can you please share a link or two with an example / something that points in the right direction?

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If you absolutely need to email the survey creator, the best way to do this is probably just to keep a centralized, private record of their email. Your central server would have to be able to view survey contents and keep track of emails. This approach is not very decentralized.

You could use something like Radiks to encrypt survey results so that only the survey creator can view the results. You still need some way to email the surveyor, which would likely be in a centralized way.

We would love to have a way for decentralized messaging while still being private. We’ve discussed an idea of ‘gaia inboxes’, where you could signal to another user that you have some new data for them. However, there are challenges that we’re still figuring out, especially if some traditional service like email is included.

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