How to share data among nodes?

Hello Guys i am New in the Blockstack Community , I am able to Store and get data from core Using blockstack.putFile(STORAGE_FILE, JSON.stringify(todos), encrypt)
and read from core using
blockstack.getFile(STORAGE_FILE, decrypt)
But Now i want to share data / Information / Message with other people on the same blockstack (Blockchain) How can i achieve that.

Hey @InzmamUlHassan, this is a feature that is still under development. It’ll be released no later than Q1 2018 (but hopefully sooner!)

The feature is ready for testing, if you’re interested. We have instructions for trying it out in a test environment here.


Thanks @jude for getting in touch i will like to dive into it right now i will let you know about the issues we face as well. We have team of blockchain developers. Please let us know if you could contribute in shape and form. Thanks
Regards Inzmam ul hassan (IQVIS Pvt Ltd).