How to set data path

I start the node by running the command stacks-node argon, it will create the data path at /tmp/stacks-testnet-xxx. If I stop the node and run it again, it will create a different data path.
Is there a way to set the data path and the node will continue working from original data?

Yes, but there’s a good chance that the state will have been corrupted since the node currently doesn’t implement a clean shutdown procedure. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can set the path via the working_dir directive under the [node] section: Example:

rpc_bind = ""
p2p_bind = ""
bootstrap_node = "048dd4f26101715853533dee005f0915375854fd5be73405f679c1917a5d4d16aaa[email protected]"
working_dir = "/tmp/stacks-testnet-2e393d07539de15c"