How to set custom tx fee?

Current fee levels are low enough that even 1 sat/byte transactions are included within a few hours. However, the Blockstack software seems to default to a much higher fee level. For a single renewal it currently wants to pay around 57000 sat just in tx fees. I don’t know how large such renewal txs are, but would have expected the necessary tx fee to be less than 2000 sat.

Is there any way to set this fee manually to a more sane level?

There isn’t a way to manually set transaction fee right now because blockstack.js, which the CLI uses, doesn’t expose this functionality to developers.

I’ve opened an issue to add this functionality to blockstack.js:

@jude what do you think about adding support for this to the CLI as well?

It should already be possible with the -F <satoshis/byte fee rate> option.

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I’m currently using the CLI in blockstack-core, which does not seem to have such an option. I tried to install the blockstack.js version, but it fails on npm build.

Is there any quick hack I can do in the blockstack-core CLI code to override the fee?

The CLI in blockstack-core is deprecated and should not be used.

Yikes! That’s no good! Can you open an issue on the repo and include the logs?