How to send/concept of text message to be send to second person?

I would like to ask one confusing thing which I am already searching, block stack technology says we can encrypt data on our end like on our storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. That makes sense in case of todo app because each user has their own data in own Dropbox account so that works perfectly. But I want to send the message to the second person so if we consider this situation then how it’ll manage to send a message to other users? It will send using which medium? If I say that data will be store on my Dropbox storage for all users then it violates the concept of blockstack like data leaked for other users in only one Dropbox of mine? If I am using blockchain concept like all data will be in shape of chain then consider if our app has thousands of users then does that nodes will be synced to all users like Ethereum? Any help will be appreciated.

@kamranjabbar We just launched multireader storage which offers a way to communicate between different IDs. You can see some details in this blog post here:

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