How to redeem my token voucher?

I received a voucher on Dec 2nd, 2017 and have been getting emails about the launch of the stacks genesis block and the release of tokens to accredited investors.
When will I be able to redeem my voucher?
Thank you.

Checkout this comment by Muneeb

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To further elucidate there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to redeem your voucher as well. That’s something that is up in the air as far as I can tell. Blockstack PBC has been very up-front about saying it’s not a foregone conclusion that unaccredited investors will be able to redeem their vouchers. Hopefully, they do but I appreciate the honesty and their rigorous attempts at following the laws, as opposed to blatant cash grabs.

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Thank you both @muneebm and @Kitsana for your answers.

I understand there are legal issues pending and no guarantee that my vouchers can be redeemed, and that is fine with me, but I still do not understand how the process works, perhaps because of my ignorance about the technical and legal complexities of the matter.

By “I still do not understand how the process works” I mean that I still have questions such as:

  • Is there a specific period of time that unaccredited investors must wait in order for unsold tokens being available, if that was the case?
  • Will we be informed if the time comes for redeeming them?
  • Can my voucher be used in any other way on the blockstack?

Excuse me if the questions are too obvious, but I have not been able to figure them out by looking at your emails and documentation.
Thanks. J