How to publish data anonymously while still keeping user in control

For OI App Center, I would like users to post reviews anonymously as well. Does it make sense to create a new address, store it in the users gaia for future reference (delete/update content) and then post the models to radiks with this new address?

Are there apps that are doing it already?

Yes, that could work. You can derive a new hardened private key off of the user’s app private key, and then use that to generate an auth token with which to store data to a (public) Gaia hub and Radiks server. This wouldn’t work with a private Gaia hub however, since you’d have no way of generating an association token (unless the private Gaia hub explicitly authorized the app private key’s address).

Ah, good point. I have to read more about private gaia hubs.

@jude Is there a way around that? Could the user sign in to and then use the app private key in the original app center app, like using copy paste or other global means?