How to install Blockstack?

How to install Blockstack. I wanna make a blockstack app like there are others out there already named blackhole, xordrive, etc.,

I think the main source code is available and hosted on GitHub for download. Now, where to host, how to host, what to do after. Every bit of knowledge can help me make an app on Blockstack.

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Hi Delhitalkie and welcome to the forum! I am tagging @Stacks_Joe who should be ale to direct you on best next steps. Thanks!

Hey there Delhitalkie!

Thanks for reaching out, and I’m excited that you’re interested in building on Blockstack. There are a bunch of resources out there for curious parties like yourself to get started developing a decentralized application. It’s awesome that you have already had some exposure to the app ecosystem through projects like Blackhole and XorDrive.

The source code is indeed available on Github, as we’re committed to open source software development. Your go-to is going to be blockstack.js, which is a javascript library that handles identity, auth, and storage.

As a jumping off point, I’d encourage you to check out the Blockstack dApp developer FAQ. It’s a great overview of a lot of the questions you are probably asking yourself such as how to get started, web apps vs. Blockstack apps, or a summary of the architecture.

Next, this Hello Blockstack tutorial is a good first step to get your hands dirty with coding. It will ensure that you have Node.js installed correctly, and set up a development environment for a React application.

And it depends on what you want to use the Blockstack Platform for! There are guides for using Blockstack Auth for single sign on, Gaia as storage for a Blockstack app, or the Profile object that registers a Blockstack ID.

Currently we are ramping up to the mainnet launch of the Stacks 2.0 blockchain, which will implement the Clarity smart contract language. A lot of community members are starting to tinker with the testnet & code, and we’re excited about the expanded functionality that it will enable. If you want to start learning about Clarity, or spin up a smart contract of your own, you can read more on our Introduction to Clarity.

Are you running into any specific obstacles I could try and help you out with?

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Easy hosting works on (Gaia based) or netlify

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